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Get Clothes



To receive clothing you will need a referral. 


How do I get referred?


If you wish to be referred to the Clothing Distribution Network (CDN) you will need to speak to one of the following:


  • A professional working in a local authority
  • A manager from a registered charity
  • Faith organisation managers or staff
  • Your GP/Doctor
  • Professionals working in care, health or education


If any of the above are unsure how to refer, please ask them to contact us via our contacts form using their official company or charity email address. 

There is always need for new underwear, nightwear and children's clothing but we accept any type of garment as long as it is clean and in a wearable condition. 


We are also in urgent need of toiletries.


You may drop off your donations at Clothing Distribution Network (CDN), 5 Shuttleworth Road, Bedford MK41 0EP. 


If you have a large amount of clothing please email us to arrange a collection.  






How Do I Refer?

If you are a local authority, charity, faith organisation or if you are a professional working in care, health or education, you can refer to the CDN individuals or families in need who you have come into contact with.


If you wish to refer anyone then please complete the online referral form at the bottom of this page.  Once the form is received, we will contact either yourself or your client with the next steps.

The Clothing Distribution Network is owned and run entirely by Impact Planet, a charity registered in England and Wales n.1161297 - Scotland.SC045940